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Allure Boundless Yoga Collection - Ultimate Black Allure

  • One-shoulder design: The asymmetrical one-shoulder top adds a sexy and fashionable element to the outfit, making it suitable not only for yoga but also for various other occasions.
  • Sports bra with removable pads, allowing easy adjustment based on personal preferences.

  3. Made with premium Lycra fabric, soft and skin-friendly, providing a comfortable fit.

  • Flared pants design: The pants feature a flared design that gradually widens towards the bottom, creating a visual effect that elongates the leg proportions, making the legs appear longer and more slender.
  • High-waisted tummy control: The high-waisted design effectively tightens the abdominal area, providing better support while creating a slim waistline, achieving a tummy-slimming effect.
  • Butt-lifting design: The special cutting and body-hugging design of the pants can enhance and improve the buttock lines, shaping an alluring silhouette and creating a perky, lifted butt effect.
  • Slimming cut: The overall cut of the outfit helps to accentuate body curves, highlighting the best features while cleverly concealing flaws, achieving a slimming effect.


Versatile styling: As shown in the first image, the outfit can be paired with a blazer to create a look suitable for the office, demonstrating its versatility and ability to transition from activewear to workwear.


Multi-purpose: This yoga outfit is designed to be functional for yoga practice and fashionable, making it suitable for various other occasions such as parties, dates, office (when paired with a blazer), and casual everyday wear.


The combination of these design highlights and features creates a multi-functional yoga outfit that meets the needs of yoga practice while showcasing fashion appeal, allowing the wearer to feel confident and comfortable in any setting.

Ultimate Black Allure Boundless Yoga Pants

  • True to size. If between sizes, size up. 

    • We recommend following care directions on the garment tags, as each garment requires unique care.
    • After many wear and washes the quality remains and comfort increases.
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