was created by 3 passionate individuals from 3 different countries. Our love for travel, independent business and different cultures brought us together to provide our unique product.


Founder, Ika Hung has previously lived in the U.K and Mongolia. She’s proud of her identity and origin, yet delighted by multi-cultural art. She is inspired by indigenous art through her travels. She has experience in manufacturing printed goods and believes in the quality, unparalleled creativity and innovative designs of goods that are made in Taiwan. ​


DOUX works with European and Taiwanese designers by merging their design concepts with the work of local manufacturers, who they promote.


DOUX's RoHS and REACH-certificated mat is created with environment-friendly ink under SGS detection.


The DOUX mat is not just a regular yoga mat, its dazzling pattern design makes it versatile for use as home decor, or a gift for your friends or family!


Most importantly, it is made from non-toxic and environmentally-friendly products. So you can be sure that your purchase is as safe as it is delightful!

Our design is based on geometry and it is where our inspiration from 

Geometry can inform a postural yoga practice.