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"We believe in the quality, unparalleled creativity and innovative designs of goods made in Taiwan."

Founder, Ika Hung

DOUX Squad
About DOUX

DOUX  /du / means soft in French.

The idea is that it is only through embracing our softness and vulnerability, that we can access authentic power and strength.

To be soft is to be powerful 


Founder Ika Hung, has previously lived in the U.K. and Mongolia., embraces her diverse background, drawing inspiration from indigenous art during her travels. With a background in manufacturing printed goods, she champions the quality, unmatched creativity, and innovative designs synonymous with products made in Taiwan.


DOUX collaborates with European and Taiwanese designers, merging their concepts with the craftsmanship of local manufacturers, whom they actively promote.


Our DOUX mat, certified RoHS and REACH, is crafted with eco-friendly ink under rigorous SGS scrutiny. DOUX mats blend lightweight durability with a fusion of design and psychology.


More than a yoga mat, the DOUX mat boasts dazzling patterns suitable for home decor or gifting, all made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials, ensuring safety alongside delight.


In 2023, we elevated our mission. DOUX yoga wear now utilizes soft recycled fabrics, breathing new life into discarded materials, and offering treasures that reflect our commitment.

Geometry can inform a postural yoga practice.

Inspired by yoga poses in geometric shapes. 

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